Nordische Filmtage-Party mit BSÍ - Munstur - Andi

Nordische Filmtage-Party mit BSÍ - Munstur - Andi

Fr., 02/11/2018 - 21:00

Reykjavík’s central bus terminal BSÍ is no longer only the most miserable location you can find in all Iceland – it’s also finally reincarneted and praised as the name of a very new band.
While people still wonder if BSÍ actually stands for Brussels Sprouts Intl., it’s at least sure that this one is a rumbling and rolling two-piece, made up of Sigurlaug Thorarensen and Julius Rothlaender.
Their spirit of DIY, Krútt pönk and downtown worries & sorrows is set to conquer 101 and beyond!
Riot Grrrls are back in town!

– The band’s first EP is set to be released in summer 2018 as a 7” vinyl via Tomatenplatten/Berlin and Why Not?/Reykjavík.

One cold winter day in Reykjavík, in the early beginning of 2013, Munstur was formed. With the initial goal of making joyful music that is suitable for dancing, the four boys have carried on with that but also progressing towards a calmer, deeper style of music to lie down and listen closely to, creating a perfect mixture of the two. Their musical style ranges from indie to pop to rock to even reggae making their live shows very diverse and leaving no one bored. In November 2014 they released their debut, Intro EP, which is available for purchase in most record stores in Reykjavík

Andri Eyjólfsson
Andri Eyjólfsson (born 29 October 1985) is an Icelandic producer who works under the name Andi.

Following the warm reception of his eponymous album released by Lady Boy Records, he received the award “you should have heard this in 2016” from the local magazine The Reykjavík Grapevine.

His reputation has only grown since and he's securing a place as one of the most interesting new electronic artists in Iceland. Andi's music could be described as romantic outsider electro with a steady undercurrent of 80s Italo-Disco, a composition which has been described as “Islando Disco.” This surely can be heard on his latest singul Spúkí Woogie, released by Sisters and Brothers, curated by Kasper Bjørke and Sexy Lazer under HFN Music in Hamburg. Andi's second album „Allt í einu“ will be released this May by a newly formed art collective called Skýlið.

“Andi means spirit, and it couldn’t be more spot on. What could seem naïve at first is only the spirit of genuine uplifting beats, bass lines and leads. Do not underestimate genuineness.”

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