Cyanide Pills support Schöner Sterben mit Heroin & Korn

Cyanide Pills support Schöner Sterben mit Heroin & Korn

Fr., 13/07/2018 - 21:00

THE CYANIDE PILLS started life after a few mates, who’d been in bands around the Leeds area decided to pool their resources and form the band they all really wanted to be in, this was mid 2008.

They contacted Carl ‘Razorblade’ Rosamond and went into The Billiard Room studios in Leeds and a few months later demos were sent out to a few labels, including Damaged Goods Records in London, who liked what they heard and in early 2009 their debut single ‘Break It Up’ came out.
7 years and a lot of shows later - they are still on the road. And in early 2017 they will be back on a great tour through Europe. FINALLY!

”Cyanide Pills kick out a spirited Brit-punk rave-up like nobody’s business” - Vive Le Rock

Schöner Sterben mit Heroin + Korn

Punkrock aus Lübeck - dreckig, versifft und niemals perfekt!
Mitglieder der Band
Little A (Gesang)
Fat T (Gitarre)
MC Blaue Bohne (Bass)
Big L (Drums)
Foto gibt es nicht von der Band - die Vögel sind voll hässlich.

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