A Pony Named Olga + Eat Lipstick

A Pony Named Olga + Eat Lipstick

Fr., 02/03/2018 - 21:00

A Pony Named Olga

Don't let the upright bass, greased hair, and sideburns fool you. THIS AIN'T NO ROCKABILLY BAND! It's way too dirty and you wont wanna swing dance to it. But dance you will. With elements of dirty rock'n'roll, cowpunk, polka and dark humor you wont know weather to laugh or die. The band is so willing to entertain you, they sacrifice their own well being with ridiculous stage stunts which has ended often with a trips to the hospital and almost the morgue. Thats how much they care. It's a show you will want to crucify yourself if you miss. Featuring Heini Heimpel on Vocals and gut-wrenching guitar, Luscious Lloyd Clark on upright bass and Francesco Tonial pounding the drums in perfect harmony.

Here comes their 4th full length album, bigger, better, and darker than ever. Rightly named "The Black Album" featuring 12 killer tracks including "Funny What You Pray", "Wait for the Kick" & "When I Die"...The Black Album shows their many flavors...all of them drenched in sweat and beer, rolling around in the graveyard with ponies and dandelions.

A Pony Named Olga gründeten sich 2005 in berlin. Und zwar: Heini Heimpel Voc/Guit, Stephan Fleck Drums, Uli Geiss Kontrabass. Diese Besetzung ist bis heute konstant, bis auf Uli Geiss, der sich ganz der Malerei widmete und 2009 durch Lloyd Clark von den Kamikaze Queens ersetzt wurde. Und Francesco Tonial Drums (2015)

Die band hat mittlerweile hunderte von Shows in D, AT, CH, NL, SE, IT, ES, PO, FR, CZ. und wurde im März 2014 zum South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas eingeladen und tourt anschließend 3 Wochen durch die USA. Es gibt 3 Alben, das vierte erscheint im April 2014.


A four headed glam hydra......looks like a car crash, sounds like a tiger in heat!

The volcanically notorious glam punk rock band EAT LIPSTICK was formed by accidentbefore they could take over the underground of Berlin's punk scene and little didwe know -the world...Founding members ANITA DRINK, queen of her own kind and kingdom &THE SHREDDER, thesatanic prince of glam are theheart of the EAT LIPSTICK phenomenon.A show to blow you off your high heels! THE SHREDDER's riffs from hell take off your pants while ANITA DRINK's voice makes you want to cover yourself in glitter and stardust.

special star guest listPEACHES, CLEA CUTTHROAT (original founding member + Bonaparte), MAD KATE (Bonaparte + Kamikaze Queens+ Hyenaz), TEXAS TERRI (Bomb), KEVIN MOONEY (Adam & the ants) ...other people we worked withEXIT (fashion label) , Kai Stuht ("Like Berlin" / "ignorance"), Heroine Artists (event & artists agency), Therapy Recycle & Exorcise (fashion label), Freshmilk TV (urbane online TV).

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