The Red Paintings [UK/AUS], support: Dirty Feetz

The Red Paintings [UK/AUS], support: Dirty Feetz

Sa., 06/10/2018 - 21:00

THE RED PAINTINGS - Orchestral Art Rock
Was bekäme man, wenn man Patrick Wolf, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nine Inch Nails & Bonaparte in einen Proberaum stecken würde?
Ganz einfach, eine der im Moment interessantesten Bands, THE RED PAINTINGS und ihre Musik nennen sie Orchestral Art Rock.
THE RED PAINTINGS sind keine Band, sie sind ein Gesamtkunstwerk. In den letzten Jahren tourten sie ausgiebig mit ihrem 2013er Debut „The Revolution Is Never Coming“ um den Globus.
Dabei spielten sie auch massig Supportshows, bei denen sie die Hauptband regelrecht gegen die Wand spielten.
Im März 2016 hatte das Warten auf neue Songs ein Ende. THE RED PAINTINGS veröffentlichten den Nachfolger zu ihrem gefeierten Debut.

THE RED PAINTINGS are an orchestral art rock band originally formed in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The band consists of lead vocalist & songwriter Trash McSweeney on guitar, sequencing & samples, with a revolving line-up across the globe. McSweeney drives all the band's musical & staging concepts.
The current touring line up as of 2015 is Alix Kol (violin, Backing vocals); Ginny Eck (b), Hiroshi Kamoshita (dr) & Emma Baker (cello).
The band is known for their unique, confronting & intense themed performances incorporating elements of theatre & art, often dubbed "orchestral sci-fi art rock". Band members often dress in elaborate themed costumes, ranging from geisha outfits, alien costumes & more recently, sea creature/Neptune themes.
They employ elaborate and eccentric stage props to support their shows, varying from statues, giant robots, children's toys, literary and Tim Burton-themed props and self-made video projections. The act are renowned for inviting members of the audience and local artists to paint on blank canvasses and human canvases during their shows to reflect their own feelings in the live music set.[2]

The band has a strong underground fanbase in Europe, Australia[3] and the United States, and their debut studio album was produced almost entirely on fan donations.[4] Their many costumes, props and street performances are often organised and produced with help from their large volunteer street teams. They are also known for their vocal support of animal rights issues, and in particular, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

DIRTY FEETZ: The newest, freshest European boyBand from Berlin.”
Music that mixes firey Rock with grooving Funk. Spicy Punk with clips of calypso. Many different influences shape the music of this splendid foursome: HipHop, UK Garage, chuck in the blues with some Afro too and you start to imagine a night with DIRTY FEETZ.
A stage full of theatrics; it’s like sitting down to a little Monty Python moment with a couple of cups of tea.
Seriously Fun or Funnily Serious.

What they say…
“Whoever is still too cold in northern Germany can let themselves heat up with the Dirty Feetz. Freaky Kids in bright costumes, a circus rich stage show (with each song the singer somehow loses another item of clothing.) On top of this the music is fast & cheeky, danceable & Zappaesk. Spot On – inspiring, motivating & immensely gratifying. Happily come again and next time on the Mystery stage!” – Klaus Reckert, Zappanale 2017

Plans for future…
August 2018 we will record our new EP “Halbes Kilo Aprikosen vol.3” with a couple of hot new tracks, also in the End of the Year a full live Album will be released! Followed by a little promo Tour in late autumn!

Stories from the past….(Biography)
On a cold winternight, two guys , one from england, the other from germany, met on the transibiran railroad. The one was lonely, heartbroken by a young Inuit and with the desire to go away to china forever! The other one just found out, that his grandfather was a farmer in the step of asia and that he left him a huge chunk of land for find his spirit with hard labor! But, how destiny is playing buggers with us sometimes, russian guys in the train, wodka in a bottle, snow under the feet - they ended up in a remote village in the kaskhraprszishikian mountains. A weightlifter from Kirgisia, a spiritual Duckkeaper from Australia and some nasty old babushkas made them sing togther or...
After weeks of hard days work on flutes, forks, spades and nails they where released (how is another story) and came back to europe, willing to spread there seed of new learnd wisdom among the confused inhabitants.
Meanwhile somewhere in the remote alps…thirty seven marmottes were being trained in martial arts by a young boy wearing stripey shorts made of rubber. One day, during training, one of the marmottes packed such a punch on the master that he realised that his days of martial arts were behind him. So the marmottes helped their old master by training him in the Bass Guitar – holy instrument of the marmottes. His following journey to Berlin took longer than it should have as he was distracted in a local library by the books of Aristotle. In the name of fate, he was caught! It was a thursday afternoon. And then there were three.
Trios are good. But as the old Inuit proverb goes…
”A square of love is built by four”
Finally the English singer went to the mosque. He wanted to pray for love but, being slightly narcoleptic he fell asleep. He woke with the whole mosque staring as he dribbled. He made a quick exit and just as he stept onto the street, a beam of light (maybe it was just a broken traficlight?) was pointing on this silvershining guy with the eyes of a leopard, a totally lost leopard, and --- a snaredrum under his arm! GET HIM! So screamed a shopkeeper after a little boy, who stole some apples from the stalls of his shop. The slightly confused English boy rugby tackled the snare-carrying-leopard-eyed frog...
three became four. The rest is history.

Einlass: 21:00 Uhr
Beginn: 22:00 Uhr

VVK: 10,00 € zzgl. Geb.
AK : 12,00 €

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